Happy 2021!

This year is a year of transition and holds a great deal of promise, but only if we choose to meet the moment.

I’m often asked about what I perceive to be the greatest leadership qualities and I believe there are two that are very relevant for the moment we are in. The first is great leaders are almost always great listeners. They listen to those they lead, they seek out the advice of their contemporaries and they listen to those that went before them through books.

The second quality is effective use of (and respect for) time. Great leaders understand the potential that exists in even the smallest amount of time, and that’s why often times, those they lead will feel like they are unrealistic.

What does this have to do with you? Well, in order to be able to reach that level the first stage is becoming (a little) obsessive about how you spend your time. It basically works in six very simple parts.

Clarity – this is about getting hyper clear about what you want and why you want it.

Planning –  next is the momentum generator, this is where we list all the things we could do in the time that we have.

This is naturally followed by a reality check, you can do anything you set your mind to, but you definitely can’t do everything you set your mind to, it then becomes essential to prioritise.

Prioritising is basically asking what will create the greatest impact with the least amount of time and effort, and starting there.

It’s also about asking yourself a series of questions that will allow you put the tasks you have in the correct order for your goal, and no it’s not always intuitive.

The next part is taking action and setting a date to review what’s working and what isn’t. Sounds basic, but most of us very rarely do this. This date with oneself is the very best thing I personally do each quarter. It’s an opportunity to reflect, refine and reroute. This is the very best way to regenerate momentum.

Now the last two parts are by far the hardest and the ones that 99% will not do, before they quit. Have a listen to the podcast to find out what these game changing actions are.