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Michelle has an innate ability to understand her client’s ambitions and work with them on both a group and individual level to ensure their goals are met. By providing different reference points, and angles of questions, she enabled me to gain a more holistic view of the problem that I was working on and therefore form a considered response and plan of action. Even with a really busy diary, Michelle helped me to catalyse change quickly. She has boundless energy and contagious enthusiasm and is a real joy to work with



When I came across Michelle online, I knew something had to change, because I wasn’t making as much progress as I knew I was capable of . After overcoming my initial scepticism, I signed up and I am so glad I did. Michelle made everything super easy to understand and it was actually fun. I also got some support from the other people on the course around my CV and how I need to show up for more senior positions. I never thought it would be as useful as it has been and it had even changed my communication with my family, especially my children. Obviously now, everyone is practicing social distancing and I feel as though my workload has tripled, but having all the tools Michelle shared has made me a better person to be able to deal with it.



Before I started with the Master Influence Programme, I was struggling to find a way to work well with people. I am a Senior Product Analyst? and have always been exceptional at getting results for the business. However often times I would leave ‘people collateral’ in my wake and would have a long queue of colleagues who disliked me, which sometimes really got me down, because even though it didn’t seem like it I really care. Being on the Programme, Michelle really worked with us in an open and honest way to get the best out of us. I also had the support of other people in course which made it more fun. I can now see the patterns I was running, and have become less of a ‘control freak’. I am now better able to influence my teams and my bosses because my working life is so much more enjoyable. It doesn’t stop there though, I have also used the techniques with my husband and it has made our communication so much easier! I am so glad I joined.



Michelle is one of the finest people I’ve met in the last few years. She gives off great energy, is attentive, curious and perceptive. And belly laughs heartily. She’s a fantastic conversationalist, with a forthright confidence. I always look forward to seeing her, and would recommend to anyone.