Rethinking the old and rethinking the new… relationships, businesses and of course jobs. And with the quest for new jobs comes interviews.

Interviewing is fun! yes I said it. Granted as you become more senior, and begin to specialise, the quantity and nature of interviews changes and it becomes more important to nail them. So why don’t we? Well we do, but not always, right?

Thing is interviews can be complex and this is to be expected of course, because they involve people, on both sides of the table. People with specified and unspecified requirements, emotional baggage, biases and so the list goes on.

I’ve been privileged enough to sit on both sides of the table and I have listened to many of you tell me about your experiences. I can hand on heart say almost everyone makes this ONE MISTAKE and it only dawned on me to share it and help people stop making it, because I did a mock interview with a client and it was a train wreck and after she changed this one thing, she sailed through the process. Find out what it is.

After you’ve watched it, let me know what you think.