Are you ready to jumpstart 2021?

Are you already dreading setting New Year’s Resolutions, you’re unlikely to keep? Well I know I am. I am also inspired by the women I have been researching and for example how Helena Morrissey started the 30% club as a way of helping those around her and those who will come after her. With that in mind, I decided to start a book club. Why a book club, because Leaders are readers and I have heard far too many women say:

“I bought the book, but it’s been on my shelf for months”

“I started reading it, but never finished it”

“I read that book, but can’t really remember what it was about”

How many times, have you said or thought any one of these things…yes that’s right too many times! Let’s start 2021 the right way – early and with accountability for smashing our goals.

I also started The Readers to Leaders Book Club, because as Charlie Jones said “You will be the same person in five years as you are today, except for the people you meet and the books you read.”

Never were truer words said. Here at The InfluentialMe HQ we’ve heard this phrase too many times and this year we decided to accept the mission and join with other women to meet new people and read more impactful books.

When you join our book club, you’ll not only learn how to apply some of the nuggets from the books, but you’ll also form new relationships with other career minded book lovers – with the aim of becoming the most Influential You possible.

If you’ve been feeling the urge to do something bigger and better…  

If you want to have a more focused, successful, and  knowledge abundant life…  

If you’ve been looking for a group of success-minded women who will understand and support you…

The Readers To Leaders Book Club is EXACTLY what you’ve been looking for. It’s relationship-building, ongoing monthly support, and life-changing discoveries from the worlds most incredible minds, all wrapped up into one club.

Helena Morrissey has sparked something in me. Who will spark something in you?